Hospice Care

Hospice care refers to end of life care in which the goal is comfort, symptom management, and quality of life, as opposed to curative care. It is a coordinated approach provided by an interdisciplinary care team. Hospice care supports the family/caregivers as well as the patient to optimize quality of life in the last phases of the incurable disease. Hospice recognizes dying as a part of the normal process of living and focuses on maintaining the remaining quality of life.

Who is eligible?

A person who ...

  • Has a life expectancy limited to months rather than years
  • A physician certifies that the prognosis is 6 months or less if the disease runs its normal course
  • Is no longer seeking curative treatment for the disease process
  • Requests pain and symptom management as the goal of his or her care

Who do I call?

You or a family member may call or have your physician's office call 978-425-6675 and ask for the Intake Department.

Choosing hospice can be a difficult choice and there is never any pressure to make a decision. A patient may change his or her mind at any time and can pursue other care options for any reason.

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