Tick Testing Notice



To:       Member Communities of the Nashoba Associated Board of Health

From:   Jim Garreffi, Director of Public Health

Re:       Discount tick testing


There are labs in Massachusetts that provide testing on ticks as a service to the public for a fee. The purpose for these tick tests is to learn what diseases ticks may be infected with and to track their location to better understand the risk of tick borne illness in our communities.  The Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) is an academic research lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that offers this testing locally. Since LMZ’s research focuses on infectious diseases, especially those transmitted via other animal species (ticks), they make a perfect community health collaborator. 

In conjunction with your Board of Health, the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health is partnering with the LMZ to provide a reduced fee for the testing of ticks. This discount is made possible by a generous grant from The Friends of Nashoba Nursing Service and Hospice and the LMZ. The partnership will provide a $25 reduction in the testing fee, lowering the cost for one of the test packages found at the LMZ’s website: www.tickreport.com. Last year, our Nashoba Health District communities submitted 136 ticks for testing, so the partnership decided to provide discounted testing for 150 ticks to be submitted by Nashoba’s citizens this season.

Tick testing should NEVER be considered a substitution for medical diagnosis; however, having these specific results may help you and your health care provider determine the best way to protect you from and/or treat tick borne illness. Only your health care provider can offer medical advice and/or prescribe treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about tick testing, please visit www.tickreport.com and follow the instructions for submission. The fee reduction will be applied at the time the payment is processed.

Any questions regarding the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health’s partnership with LMZ should be referred to Jim Garreffi, at 978-772-3335 ext. 305.

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